Oh no, not ANOTHER blog!

Why blog about fundraising online?  Some quick searches on technorati.com show this is not a stupid question:


  • “fundraising” returns 601 blogs and 101,399 posts.
  • “non-profit” returns 1,070 blogs and 112,607 posts.
  • “charity” returns 2,723 blogs and 327,568 posts.

So why add one more voice to the conversation?  It’s simple — because there is no blog quite like this one.

It’s clear that there is a hunger like never before among non-profits for taking full advantage of what the Web has to offer.  And as I’ve traveled around and talked to non-profit leaders and development professionals, it has also become clear that they are not quite sure where to put all of that energy so that is accomplishes their organizational goals.  Some respond by doing something, anything to be online (start an eNewsletter, buy a platform such as Convio, Kintera, Net Community, etc.).  Others are frozen by the possibilities.  But collectively, there is a huge need for solid online strategy and practical advice.

Hence, what this blog is going to be about (generally): New media presented in a way that is practical and understandable.

Stay tuned . . .