Generational Internet Use

If you hang around here long enough you’ll see posts about Pew Internet and American Life studies. The project does some of the best primary research on Internet use in the United States. A recent study looked at how people in different generations use the different parts of the Internet. A few observations. Things that aren’t surprising:

  • Younger people are over-represented on the internet
  • Older people do less on the Internet than younger people
  • Email is still the killer app, but it is increasingly becoming something for “old people”

Things that were surprising:

  • Less than 50 percent of every generation read blogs
  • More than 70 percent of every generation makes travel reservations online
  • 30-39 percent of every generation gets religious information online
  • Less than 0-9 percent of every generation visits virtual worlds

So for those churches who built virtual buildings in Second Life, right ballpark, wrong bench.