Seattle Shines

Seattle’s “Fund for the Needy” hit a new high in December, up by $5,000 over the previous record, which was that 1999/2000 dot com bust.  A total of $668,000.  Just goes to show . . . “Hard times are here, and the America that gives more to charity, per capita, than any other country in the world is stepping up.”  Sure makes me proud.  And good to remind others.  Get those heads out of the toilet.  This whole ugly thing can make us better.  These are mainstream, middle class Americans who are stepping up.  One 56-year-old woman from Kirkland, WA told her family to hold off on birthday presents for her, and give the money to the Fund for the Needy.  “It seemed we need to focus on what’s really important.  I don’t have many needs at this point in life.  I wanted to make sure other people’s needs were met.”  Share that kind of inspiration and you’re sure to touch hearts.  P.S.  The newspaper isn’t quite dead yet.  This fund is promoted almost entirely in the newspaper (Seattle Times).  Given the state of the newspaper industry, Frank Blethen, the publisher, didn’t mind declaring that “It (this successful fund) just further validates that not only do people continue to read newspapers, but in tough times they rely on them even more.  In these troubled times, it’s our classic role in connecting the community.”