Facebook is OLD, part deux

A few weeks ago, I posted that the Facebook demographics are getting older every day and posited a few implications:

  1. Facebook may be around awhile.

  2. Facebook will continue to become the killer application more and more.

  3. There is hope for fundraising on Facebook.

If you want to read more of my thinking on these implications, feel free to read the post. In the meantime, check out the graphic below from iStrategyLabs (click the graphic for a larger version): facebook_demographics_statistics_2009 A couple telling stats from this table:

  • Users over the age of 55 have soared from less than 1 million to nearly 6 million — over 500-percent growth.

  • High school and college users dropped by as much as 22 percent!

An aside — anyone know why Atlanta has seen such a huge spike? Weird.