Seattle Times Article: Microsoft veterans aim to make philanthropy more personal

Hi there: I want to call your attention to a front-page article in yesterday’s Seattle Times. The article refers to new nonprofits that are connecting donors to what their gifts are actually doing and specifically who they are helping. It reminds me of that allows the donor to make a micro-enterprise loan directly to a person who needs one in a developing world. One quote stands out:

Both SeeYourImpact and Jolkona are tapping into a generation that demands more control of their philanthropy. A generation accustomed to connecting around the world through Facebook now wants a face and a direct connection to someone they’re helping……..Technology is “democratizing” philanthropy by giving people quick access to information about the issues and tools to take action.

My gut tells me that the demand for donors to actually see specifically where their dollars are going is only going to grow. This represents a challenge for us to help our organizations think this through and how technology can be harnessed to make this possible.