Is your city generous?

Convio just posted the most generous metro areas (based on donations to Convio clients). The Agitator covers the story and posts the top 10:

  1. Alexandria, VA

  2. Cambridge, MA

  3. Minneapolis, MN

  4. Arlington, VA

  5. Seattle, WA

  6. St. Louis, MO

  7. Austin, TX

  8. Bellevue, WA

  9. Washington, DC

  10. Pittsburgh, PA

I’m proud to say I’ve been to all of these places. Ok just the airport in Minneapolis. In any event I would like to take credit for Pittsburgh top-ten since we opened up the “east coast branch” but of course I can’t. Not really much here as far as how one could capitalize on this strategically, but sure fun to try and find your city and to gloat to your friends about how you’ve had an address in two of the top ten (Alexandria and Washington, D.C.) and live and work in the metro region of another two in the top ten (Pittsburgh and Seattle).