Want to help us out?

We’ve submitted two sessions for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) 2010 in Atlanta next April – if they would be interesting to you would you be willing to vote for them (see the VOTE FOR links below)? By the way, the NTC is a GREAT conference – if you want to know about the leading edge of what’s happening in Digital Marketing for nonprofits, NTC 2010 is the place to be. Here are the sessions:

Case Studies in Integrated Multi-channel Fundraising

VOTE FOR this session at http://nten.org/node/8415 Learn how Campus Crusade for Christ has collaborated to launch several of its most effective multi-channel fundraising campaigns ever, with particular success in the online space. Hear important lessons learned from one of the largest nonprofits in the world and receive practical tips for cultivating donors, both online and off. Session Takeaways:

  1. Learn best practices in driving successful integrated multi-channel fundraising.

  2. Learn about specific examples of multi-channel fundraising in action.

  3. Learn practical application regarding the cultivation of donors.

A fresh way of thinking for nonprofits, Donors for Life

VOTE FOR this session at http://nten.org/node/8416 What if we stopped treating donors like cash machines? What if we could have Donors for Life? What we call Donors for Life is a Constituent Experience Management (CEM) strategy that focuses on helping nonprofit organizations deliver superior constituent experiences. The constituent experience is emerging as the single most important aspect in achieving success for nonprofit organizations. The goal of CEM is to move constituents from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate. Constituent experience is the new innovation frontier for nonprofits. Session Takeaways:

  1. Learn a new way of thinking about donor relationships.

  2. Understand the basics of Constituent Experience Management (CEM).

  3. Have practical and applicable next steps.

I’d also encourage you to check out and vote for the rest of the proposed NTC sessions. And hopefully we’ll see you at NTC 2010!