Say “Thank You” and Really Mean It!

Your mother told you to say it.  It’s just good manners.  And for nonprofits responding to a donor gift, the better you say it, the deeper your relationship will grow.  For most, it’s a 17-line letter form with an attached receipt.  Sure, it’s personalized, and you may even mention the purpose of the gift.  Some go as far as describing the “good” that’s happening because of the donor’s generosity.  But it always carries that BRE quietly asking for another gift.  Would you really do that to a friend after they just gave you what you asked for?  Instead, surprise me with the extravagance of your gratitude.  Give me something cool.  It doesn’t have to cost you much.  Actually, it shouldn’t.  But share something of value.  Point me to your website and a new story of the great things we’re accomplishing together.  Or, share an online video or a white paper on the issue I’m interested in the issue I just gave a gift to help solve.  What about a video thank you from a child like those I just helped? Or, just tell me a personal story of your family, and how this ministry impacts you on an everyday level.  What a gift that would be — to actually let me into your head and heart!  Saying “Thank You” well demonstrates your dependence on the donor.  And when you excel at that, you’ll be cultivating donors for life.