Americans still really want to give (and they will!)

A fascinating and encouraging report was published last week by the American Red Cross. Here are some of the highlights of the appropriately named Holiday Giving Poll:

  • Nearly one in four Americans has had their salary or work hours reduced.

  • Two out of three Americans say it’s more important this year to give something to charity because of the economy.

  • Those who have had their salary or work hours reduced are no more likely than other Americans to cut back on gifts to charity.

  • 20% of Americans are planning to reduce their charitable giving this year (44% plan to reduce travel expenses; 30% plan to reduce money spent on gifts)

And the real kicker:

  • Nearly 20% of Americans are planning to increase their gifts to charity this year.

As we enter the busy season for many of our clients, let’s continue with confidence. Let’s continue giving people the chance to be a part of causes that they genuinely want to be a part of. Don’t be afraid to tell your donors what your needs are this holiday season. They want to know. And they want to help. Here’s the full Red Cross report: