Dramatic increase in media consumption demands adaption from nonprofits.

The velocity of media consumption in our world increases every day. My blog reader proves the point. I subscribe to over 100 blogs and “thumb through” literally thousands of articles and posts each month. You may not read very many blogs, but how many magazines, TV shows, websites, social networks, do you look to each day? For most of us, just comparing the way we consumed media two years ago versus today would show just how much more we’re exposed to. The Web has revolutionized how we communicate. Here are a few ways that nonprofits need to adapt to today’s rapidly media-consuming culture:

  • Nonprofits must become compelling storytellers. No amount of reducing and simplifying content will engage constituents, WITHOUT a compelling story behind it. The former is important in today’s culture, but the latter is critical.

  • Nonprofits must use multiple channels in concert with one another. Donors are in the driver’s seat more than ever – they decide just when and where they want to interact with you. So make sure you’re giving them choices – direct mail, newsletters, email, Facebook updates, blog posts, YouTube videos, and so on.

  • Nonprofits must learn to get to the point. If you haven’t read Made to Stick, read it. I’m particularly thinking of the section about simplicity, and finding the core . Content must cater to our constituent’s rapid pace of consumption, but it’s not just about shortening copy. It’s about finding the core of the message, and stripping everything else away.