Mashable’s 2010 tech predictions, two to watch out for

Mashable just posted 6 Tech Predictions That Helped Shape 2009 and 6 That Might Shape 2010. It’s a good post, and if you care about tech, please check it out. But I’d like to call out two predictions in particular that nonprofit fundraisers should be on the lookout for:

Facebook Gets into…Payments …Leveraging Facebook Connect, it’s conceivable that Facebook will launch a PayPal competitor, providing e-commerce sites with not just an easy way to accept payments, but also rich data about who their customers are based on their profiles and connections.

Facebook, with more than 350 million active users worldwide, has been a Siren to nonprofit fundraisers. The problem is that with the possible exception of events-based fundraising, it just hasn’t worked. But the closer Facebook integrates e-commerce to the Facebook experience, the more likely it will be that fundraisers will find success on the social network. If Facebook does indeed launch a payments system, it will be something for fundraisers to watch very closely. Now for that second prediction:

Live Video Goes Mainstream and Becomes Immensely Profitable We’ve recently highlighted some of the huge numbers that live web video broadcasts are generating. Much of that has to do with live video evolving from people turning on a webcam in their bedroom to professionally produced programming with celebrity talent, as highlighted by the recent Ashton Kutcher Katalyst HQ broadcast. In 2010, I expect this narrative to move from “wow, huge numbers” to “wow, it’s a real business” as top live video broadcasters are able to turn their programming into mini-media outfits with the help of sponsors.

Online video continues to dominate in it’s importance as a relatively new channel to fundraisers and nonprofit marketers. But 2010 will be the year when livestreaming will become mainstream. Tools such as USTREAM, Livestream and Qik are making the process of web streaming live video very easy. How can you engage your constituents using livestreaming in 2010? Mashable is one of the best social media/Digital Marketing blogs out there. You should check it out if you’re at all interested in this space.