Webinar: Top Fundraising Trends in 2010

Webinar: Top Fundraising Trends in 2010

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Presented by:

  • Steve Woodworth, President, Masterworks

  • Dave Raley, Director of Digital Marketing, Masterworks

Who should watch?

  • Those intrigued (or overwhelmed) by how fundraising continues to change.

  • Those interested in learning more about the latest trends.

  • Those in roles responsible for fundraising and marketing/communications, as well as in general positions of leadership.

It’s a new decade. If you’ve been in the nonprofit fundraising business for any length of time, you know the 2000s were a decade of unprecedented change for nonprofits. So what do the 2010s have in store? We’ll look at both micro- and macro-trends, from the role of social media in the fundraising mix and the increasing importance of mobile marketing, to the value of taking a relationally oriented view of donors (something we call Donors For Life®) and other long-term trends you need to be aware of. At the end of this webinar, you’ll:

  • Know the key trends to watch in 2010.

  • Understand how you can tap into these trends as appropriate for your fundraising mix.

  • Act on practical recommendations to stay on top of these trends in 2010.

At Masterworks, we’re committed to helping you maximize your Kingdom impact. That’s why we’ve put together this enlightening and practical webinar – for you!