The state of mobile fundraising

Fundraising through mobile has been a hot topic lately, especially with the many millions of dollars raised via the channel after the Haiti earthquake. Mobile fundraising is a relatively young channel, and we know it can be complicated and confusing sometimes — so we’ve put together a whitepaper on the current State of Mobile Fundraising to help you out.

Download The State of Mobile Fundraising

The whitepaper spends significant time addressing specifically Text2Give — currently the most common method of giving in mobile (involves sending text messages and $5 or $10 gifts — this is how most money for Haiti was raised). Discussed topics include:

  • A fledgling channel … still.

  • The players are many.

  • Cultural adoption is going to take time.

  • Text giving isn’t the only mobile fundraising option.

  • The hurdles are high, very high.

  • The importance of promotion (the real cost).

  • There are bright spots.

  • So what should nonprofit organizations be doing?

Mobile giving continues to evolve and change rapidly (we’ve seen plenty of major changes and breakthroughs happen just weeks apart). So check out the whitepaper now, before it’s out of date!