A Matter of Timing

The following post is part III of a IV-part series by Masterworks President Steve Woodworth on biblical planning.Click here to learn more about Steve.

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A year ago, an industry leader asked to join our staff and buy a small piece of the company. We concluded that this did not seem right for us. It just didn’t seem like the right time. Recently, we went back to that person and said we thought we were ready. We were testing, and it now appears that it may not be God’s will. This person doesn’t feel like he did a year ago. He doesn’t think joining us is the right path for him. The point is, we aren’t operating on a 10-year plan here. We are dealing with what is right in front of us. We concluded one thing a year ago, and another thing a few months ago. If we had been operating on a goal of a company seven times our size, we would have been foolish to pass on this person the first time. I’m not arguing against strategy. Strategy involves thinking carefully through an opportunity that we have decided to pursue and figuring out how best to pursue it. This involves planning, of course. But it’s not presumptuous planning if we’ve carefully thought and prayed first about pursuing the opportunity. I believe biblical planning is a matter of regularly thinking through the opportunities and problems that we face right now. What decisions do we need to make, based on our current opportunities and problems?

  1. What seems to be the right course (the Lord’s will)?

  2. Do we have the financial resources to do what seems right to us?

  3. If not, how much can we afford to do and in what order of priority?

I know it doesn’t fit the business books, but it seems to fit the Bible.

Tomorrow: Should we limit our growth?