What I learned at The Bridge Conference 2010

Last week I attended The 2010 Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference. Overall it was a well done conference, but I have to say the sessions I attended were exceptional. So much goes on at one of these, how do you choose what to share? For something fun and different, I decided to share the wisdom of some of the tweets from the conference.

mkdm: Becky Odum: “Retention is the new acquisition.”

m_sherrington: @Kay Sprinkel Grace.’we’re in a vicious cycle of raising money, not building relationships’. Spot on.

KTsinc: We have to be all things to all people. Integrate your channels. Be consistent.

BTalisman: Guerilla Mktg about brain power. In your face. Think about how your nfp message can be presented in a diff way to get exposure

4SocialGood: Margolis: people give because someone asks them to

JanMichaelDC: Touch, thank, ask why they give. Regularly engage!

MiriamKagan: For donors, stewardship means not WILL my contribution make a difference but DID it?

I could quote dozens more (there are more than 1,000 tweets for the two day conference) but this is a good sampling. You can read them all via this Twitter search. It will be like you were there. Almost. Were you at the Bridge Conference? What did you think? Tell us via twitter.