Cape Town 2010 Congress: Kingdom Impact on Steroids!

Our team at Masterworks is about to culminate four years of work on one of the greatest opportunities for Kingdom impact we have ever had, outside of the regular impact we have through our wonderful clients.

A team of us are headed off this week to South Africa, where the Lausanne Movement is sponsoring Cape Town 2010, The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization October 16-25 in Cape Town.

Because this worldwide gathering will address the most critical issues that confront the church today, I believe many of our clients will be interested in following these deliberations.  Every day during the Congress, either Kn Moy or I will be posting first-hand impressions and important outcomes that occur during the Congress.

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Billy Graham and John Stott convened the first Congress on World Evangelization in 1974.  Many things we now take for granted came from that historic event.  The focus on unreached people groups was conceived at this watershed event held in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Equally important, evangelicals embraced social action as a core part of the gospel, setting the stage for the growth of so many Christian relief and development organizations as well as rescue missions.

The Cape Town 2010 Congress is drawing more than 4,000 participants, selected by teams from within 190 different countries around the world.  Thousands more will join in at remote Congress sites through the GlobaLink.  Just 400 delegates were invited from North America, so we’re spreading the information and impact here in America.  I’m sure it will be beneficial for all kinds of Christian leaders and their ministries.

Please remember to pray for this event that’s been over four years in the planning.  I’ve been privileged to serve as the volunteer head of the communications team.  With over 200 members from more than 30 countries, this has been a major focus for me and several others from the Masterworks team.  We’ve done all we can to prepare.  Now it’s in the Lord’s hands.