Fresh Ideas from DMA

What’s a designer from Masterworks doing at the Direct Marketing Association convention in San Francisco with all those sales and strategy types?  Germinating ideas. 

Masterworks has sent a team to DMA for years.  But I believe I’m the first Designer to be invited to go.  They tell me that’s because I’m an “idea guy” who comes up with unique concepts that actually apply to direct marketing.  What you may not know is that I’m a fine artist in my home studio using primarily acrylics to create a hybrid of Coastal Salish art with expressionism and surrealism that often reflect my Native (S’Klallam) upbringing.  But when I’m at Masterworks, I’m a marketer who just happens to be a graphic designer as well. 

Three ideas that hit me off the top in the City by the Bay:

  1. When you create a catalog of gift opportunities for donors, ask donors to chip in another $5 to pay for their catalog and for processing their order.  That extra income will go straight to the bottom line and improve ROI on the catalog project. 
  2. For rescue missions with resale stores, give donors %Off Cards to use themselves or pass along a person in need.  Naturally, giving your donor something shows you appreciate them.  The card can also be used by the donor to help someone they know personally who is in need.  And you’ll increase traffic and sales in your resale store.  All important benefits. 
  3. For international ministries doing donor acquisition, mail to traveler’s lists.  People who have just been to a developing country and have seen the needs for themselves will be more sympathetic and possibly more responsive to the needs of that area of the world. 

Those are just three ideas.  More are percolating.  Stay tuned. 

Jeffrey Veregge

Senior Designer