Americans will keep giving.

This holiday season, Americans plan to maintain their level of giving in spite of the lagging economy.  About 62% of donors said they would match last year’s giving levels.  Another 10% said they would be giving more. 

That’s according to a national poll conducted for the Red Cross by a recognized polling company.  American generosity wins again, as it appears our fellow citizens are more willing to cut holiday expenses than give less to the causes they believe in.  Only 23% of respondents said they would be giving less to charity. 

Some speculate this generosity stems from the fact that people identify with others in need because the recession has also affected them in some way.  Over half of those surveyed (51%) said they knew someone who had been laid off and 40% said they knew someone who had lost money in the stock market.  Nearly 20% said their own income had been reduced. 

Only time will tell, and those annual income reports aren’t usually finalized until the end of January.  But this poll is just another reason to salute our fellow Americans during this holiday season and celebrate their unmatched generosity.    

Jude Hubbell

Acquisition Manager