An amazing year for Carter Wade

I just completed my first year at Masterworks.  

After 20 years with the same company, the change over to Masterworks has been cataclysmic in many ways.  But, as I look back over my first year, I’m most amazed at the senior level talent assembled in one place here at Masterworks.  No other agency I know of offers this kind of marketing horsepower.  And it’s fun to work with such a distinguished group of industry leaders. 

Never before have I had the opportunity to be involved on the front end of a game-changing movement like Donors for Life® and all the insights and potential it holds for Christian nonprofit ministries. 

Never have I been in an environment that is so ministry focused – investing in the kind of innovation and discovery required to launch something like Rooftop 5:19 and other totally new initiatives.  Ultimately, this innovation and discovery process will benefit all our clients.  Actually, it’s already happening!

So I celebrate the Thanksgiving season with a heart full of gratitude for where I am today and what lies ahead. 

Carter Wade

Senior Vice President/Client Services