Exaggerated reports of demise.

Direct mail and Mark Twain have at least one thing in common.  And Twain said it best when he responded to ugly rumors by declaring, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” 

Mark’s cousin was sick, and somehow from that, the world-renowned author was pronounced dead. 

Direct mail has suffered the same defamation — repeatedly and erroneously given up on as a fatality in the digital revolution. 

The truth of the matter is, today’s proliferation of communication channels requires more judicious use of paper and ink. But a recent Epsilon survey concludes that direct mail is an “increasingly viable and effective channel to reach and engage purchasing decision-makers in North American households.” 

The key is to strategically connect the various channels for maximum impact. 

Three other conclusions also surfaced from the survey:

  1. Consumers perceive printed mail to be more private than email.  

  2. Many also feel traditional mail is “more convenient and easy to use.”

  3. They feel valued when they receive traditional mail. 

So, like our lesson from history and Mark Twain, don’t bury an effective communicator before they’re done doing their masterful work. 

Robert Zawoysky

Founding Creative Director