Fundraising Bright Spot

Online giving shows steady increase

While giving to the nation’s largest charities plunged by 11% last year, at least a segment of online giving seems to be turning the corner in 2010.  A recent Blackbaud Index of Online Giving report shows a 20.4% increase in overall online revenue for the three-month period ending August, 2010 (compared to the same period a year ago).  

Representing over 1,650 organizations with $407 million in online giving, this study is significant since the recent Chronicle of Philanthropy article that revealed the 11% plunge in giving last year also reported that “Nonprofit organizations say they don’t expect to have done much better by the time 2010 ends.”  The Blackbaud study actually showed a 1.4% increase in overall giving for that same period in which online giving increased 20.4%.  

And while online giving continues to be only a tiny portion of overall charitable giving, its steady growth, even during the worst of times, represents a growing significance in the overall fundraising pie.    

Remain hopeful.  The future’s looking brighter for charitable giving. 

Lee Wilhite

Executive Vice President