Know your team and who they’re playing for.

Fall acquisition results are starting to come in.  We’ll be examining them carefully over the next several months.  One thing for certain, in these highly competitive times, you need to know your team and be sure they’re playing on your side.

No conflict of interest.  That’s especially true for list brokers.  I’ve always contended that a list broker working for a list management company often has to fight a built in conflict of interest.   There are always those lists that companies want to push without knowing for sure that they will work for your client.

Top people with great experience.  Masterworks has a long-standing working relationship with one of America’s top independent list brokers who specializes in serving nonprofit organizations.  She’s developed into a good friend, both personally and to our clients.  I trust her judgment implicitly to steer us in the right direction and know the lists and managers she is recommending so there are no costly surprises.

Strident politics breeds good mailing lists.  One unique benefit of 2010’s political season is that strident political movements have created new lists and bolstered existing mailing listings.  So there are new opportunities out there to reach specific audiences with appropriate messages.  Another reason why list procurement by a trusted colleague is more important than ever.

More updates to come on what’s working and what’s not in acquisition.

Jude Hubbell

Acquisition Manager