What’s behind the new look?

Why do a new website?  Clients often ask that question.

Besides the fact that style and functionality are always evolving on the web, the main answer is simple – to reflect who you are today.

That’s why Masterworks has launched this new site.  We aren’t the same agency we were a few years ago.  We have new clients who have propelled our growth–with new people, new products, and even a new headquarters building. I like to think we’re growing and developing every day as we innovate for our clients.  (Besides that, we have a group of driven designers and writers who enjoy nothing better than creating something totally new.  Their energy erupts with challenges like this.)

While our new website says a lot about us, it’s actually designed for you.

With more interactive features and dynamic content, it’s both engaging and easily navigated so you can find the latest information you need and want.  Fly-out navigation allows other relevant information to pop up for a full, rich experience.  It’s intuitive and well engineered.

If you talk to our graphic designers, they’ll tell you there’s a subtle sophistication in both layout and typography.  If you talk to our technical staff, they immediately jump into the great new web tools and techniques that I can’t even understand.  But four things stand out to me about this new site:

  1. Kingdom focus.  Being about the work of the Master is the heart of what we do, and that Kingdom focus is integrated throughout the site.
  2. Relationships count.  Real people are featured throughout the site, both clients and staff.  That’s because people count – clients, staff and donors.  We honor and acknowledge them all.
  3. Commitment to innovation.  You’ll see, simply by our use of the latest technology, that we value innovation and know how to use it.  And with numerous case studies, you‘ll see the many evolving ways we harness innovation for the benefit of our clients.  We believe that’s the most important contribution we bring to our clients.
  4. Enriching experience.  Our website demonstrates through content and implementation that experience is where communication is going today and tomorrow.  Richer, deeper more valuable experiences tie us together.

I’m proud of our team and the energy they put behind this project.  Spend some time with us on the new site.  Seeing is believing.

Steve Woodworth