Cool Phone Apps Minister to Families

Focus on the Family is proving that cell phones can minister to people.  They’re already leading the way with a cell phone app called “Focus Daily” that connects you with their daily radio broadcasts so you can listen wherever you are and whenever it’s convenient. 

Now, in addition to that, Focus plans to roll out a second app in December called “Plugged In.”  With much of the same content that their Plugged In website provides, you will be able to get an honest review of movies, videos, TV programs, games and music.  And for movies, you’ll even get show times in many areas and have the ability to purchase tickets at certain theaters. 

So now, you can carry at least some of the Focus on the Family ministry in your pocket or purse.  It’s like friends and family!  And we helped them add an opportunity to contribute to the financial support of the ministry on the app as well.  This is a great example of the value exchange between donor and ministry.    

Renee Kane 

Account Director