How does your online giving compare?

Ever wonder how your nonprofit compares in the online fundraising space?

The 2010 Online Giving Report from Blackbaud should be a big help.

Just published this week, the report includes some good stuff, including:

  • Average online giving growth rate is 34.7%. The story is even more interesting when you compare growth rates for small, medium, and large nonprofits… 
    • Small nonprofits grew on average 22.0%
    • Medium nonprofits grew on average 15.9%
    • Large nonprofits grew on average 55.6% 
  • Haiti played a key role in skewing several metrics. A more granular view of online giving growth by sector shows growth rates ranging from 7.4% (Health Care) to 130.8% (International Affairs).
  • Bolstered by giving to Haiti, January outperformed December as a percentage of total giving – 18.4% of total online giving in January vs. 18.3% in December.
  • More organizations are seeing larger gifts online – 88% received a gift of $1,000 or more in 2010 vs. 77% in 2009.
  • Online giving as a percentage of total giving is at 7.6%.

How much does online giving make up your funding? That 7.6% number should give you a good benchmark to compare against. Or even better, the report includes this percentage broken down by sector. But you’ll have to download the report to find out!

Dave Raley

Director of Digital Marketing