The ugly truth about social media marketing

Who could resist joining in on a webinar with that title? 

And while I didn’t learn much that was applicable to nonprofit fundraising, the hour spent was worth it for three facts they emphasized: 

  1. 45% of Facebook users are over 26.  (They are either age qualified as part of an appropriate nonprofit fundraising audience, or they will grow up to become our audience.)
  2. 41% are scanning brands to let friends know which brands they prefer.  (Now that’s an open door for sharing their passion for a ministry.) 
  3. Videos sent by friends are watched three-times longer than those sent by businesses, organizations or people they don’t know.  (If you’re going to pay for video, make it viral!)

Current social media in the nonprofit arena is like a middle school dance:  lots of noise, a few pack leaders who have experienced success and all the rest who really don’t know what they’re doing.  The important thing is to get out there on the floor and move with the music.  

That’s the ugly truth. 

Robert Zawoysky

Founding Creative Director