Enterprise Consulting Digs Deeper

Something new I’m involved with that is really energizing is a process called “Enterprise Consulting.”  Instead of just focusing on marketing, we dig deeper into the organization to discover and address areas that range from the organization’s mission/vision/values to key performance indicators and collaborated scorecards. In other words, how can we help move our clients from dysfunction to best-in-class?

I’ve had the pleasure of helping direct this process with Atul Tandon. Atul served as Vice President of Donor Engagement at World Vision for nine years. Before that he was with Citibank, on the global leadership team, playing a key role in expansion of its global brand and consumer market network.

Many nonprofits are structured and managed in a way that encourages a silo approach instead of a collaborative one based on mutual accountability. Individual and corporate morale is rooted in working as a team and seeing how each person and each department contributes to the mission’s goals. Ultimately, that’s what makes these organizations work better — and is more consistent with what leadership truly wants for its staff.

We are currently helping a large organization through a process that has so far defined 11 key ministry objectives. From there we’re establishing a set of performance indicators against the organization’s primary initiatives. And from there, we’ll be able to get to the collaborated scorecard approach, a destination Atul is encouraging us to achieve, since many organizations can develop great strategies, but not as many can actually implement them. The scorecards are a key step to “institutionalizing” the organizational transformation we’re striving for. 

Amazing progress has been made over a period of just months. New levels of discipline and accountability have been established. Staff members are stepping back and re-evaluating what they’re doing and how to best accomplish their goals. Ministry is more closely tied to budgets. And “one-off” projects, that usually cost more than they are worth, have been reduced. 

This is a groundbreaking process and we’re excited to be helping lead the way in empowering our clients to increase their Kingdom impact. 

Renee Kane

Account Director