Biblical Role #1: You’re a Warrior, not a beggar

You fight a spiritual battle and enlist others to join the ranks.

Let’s face it.  Fundraising can be a battle.  And often we feel like we’re leading the charge with too few troops and inadequate weaponry.  On our worst days, we just feel like a beggar.

But the biblical role of fundraising demands we recognize a higher calling.

The apostle Paul equips us for battle in Ephesians 6:10-18 with his well-loved description of a godly warrior.  There are many commands in this passage.  But the overall message is clear:  depend on God, use the equipment He supplies and keep close and constant communication with your Commander in Chief.

So, how do you not only win the short-term battle, but also prevail in winning the long-term war?  Here’s a proven strategy to attack from three fronts:

1. Inform God’s people about the battles He is waging today.  The relevant information you deliver and the emotive stories you tell determine how effective you are in securing resources and enlisting troops for the battle God is waging.  Lead with energy, clarity and vision.

2. Arm believers for the battle. Start with humility, offering the battle to the Lord and asking Him to empower you beyond your own ability.  Create ways for people to get involved.  Firsthand experience in your ministry is the best training for your army of supporters.  And never hesitate from providing exact targets for giving.  A rallying cry to “take the next hill” musters more enthusiasm than a more general appeal to “win the war.”  Be specific.  Arm believers for battle with opportunities to pray, volunteer, advocate and give.   

3. Challenge brothers and sisters in Christ to be transformed. Recruit and develop an army of believers who choose to be transformed instead of conforming to this world (Romans 12:2).  Their lives (and ours) must be refocused daily from personal pursuits and achievements to serving at our stations as warriors in God’s ultimate battle.

Be encouraged today by this amazing Scripture!

Fight to Win! (Philippians 3: 12-13 NIV)
Trust in God
! (1 Timothy 6: 17-19 NLT)
Guard Your Heart!
(Matthew 6: 19-21 NLT)

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