Biblical Role #2: You’re a Prophet

You save Christians from following after false gods and energize ministries and constituents with fresh eyes into what God is doing.

In your prophetic role you are bold and outspoken.  Often you stand alone against popular opinion.  But you stand and speak because you know one thing . . . you’ve been called by God.

Because of that, take your cues from God’s prophets and Jesus Himself. Bathe everything you do in prayer. Lead by example. Be direct and personal.  Involve people in what God is doing.  Jesus allowed his circle of friends to partner with Him in very tangible ways.  We need to follow our Leader and the biblical role of prophet.

But will anyone listen when you are going against the tide and speaking against the ungodly culture?  The truth is, while you may get some stones thrown your way, many Christians are actually waiting for a prophetic voice.

1.  Proclaim the biblical Christian worldview. Expose the inroads being made among believers by the false gods of our success-oriented, individualistic culture.  Everything we say and do must be measured against the standard of biblical authenticity.  Is it radically scriptural or comfortably culture based?  Scripture is radically countercultural and you’re the radical spokesperson.  No one said this wouldn’t be dangerous work.

2. Inspire both compassionate hearts and daring vision. Be courageous and vulnerable.  Risk sharing what’s deep down in your heart.  Don’t always go where it’s safe.  Step out on a limb when casting a vision for your organization.  But choose your limbs with care and much prayer.  Lead with both head and heart.  Biblical prophets were risk takers with very public lives.

3. Reveal the ugly truth as a call to action. Much of our world today is not a pretty place.  Don’t avoid telling the graphic story of real, critical, emergency needs.  Budgeting and corporate financial plans aren’t a big part of Scripture.  Dramatic initiatives are.  God’s economy is not of this world.  His plans are bigger, His thoughts are higher. 

4. Multiply the ministry. You can’t do it alone and God doesn’t want you to.  Rally donors, constituents and staff to new levels of engagement with God and His purposes.  Give fellow believers the joy and satisfaction of working as colaborers in God’s field.

God’s Word offers direction and encouragement.

Seek God’s Vision: (Exodus 25:1-2)
Communicate with Confidence
:    (Exodus 35:1)
Ask Specifically
(Exodus 35:5-9)

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