Excellence unleashed.

What would your vision of excellence look like if it had no restrictions . . . no barriers . . . no holds barred?

Imagine starting every day with excellence as your top-of-mind, driving motivator.  Purposefully allowing excellence to power every act, every decision, even every word.  You get the picture . . . and we all want that.  But how do you put it all into practice?  If we did, I’m sure you agree that it could transform our outlook as we open the page on each new day.

Some people confuse excellence with a state of perfection.  It’s not.  Believe me, I know.  Rather, excellence is a personal vision, a guiding principle to live by, a passion to learn and improve throughout our lives.

That personal vision will build resolve and deepen involvement in each task that presents itself throughout each day.  It will energize the smallest actions, even the routine ones, to shine with the creative joy needed to produce achievements of outstanding value.

Four other questions naturally follow my initial question above:

  1. In what areas of your life are you tolerating, and even expecting, less than your best?
  2. What, if any, are the challenges that repeatedly block you from performing at your highest potential?
  3. What resources could you mobilize to help create the most abundance for the future?
  4. What must happen next for you to move closer to your personal vision of excellence?

Don’t kid yourself, there’s a price to pay.  Warren Buffet says it well:  “Intensity is the price of excellence.”  There is no excellence without a passion for it.  And there is no passion without intense devotion and commitment.

Start today by unleashing excellence as your top-of-mind, driving motivator.   Make it your personal vision.  It will become your reality.

Lee Wilhite
Executive Vice President