Digital Ink Jet Printing Reinvents Itself

Digital Ink Jet Printing Reinvents Itself

You’ve heard the promises for nearly 10 years.  Digital printing was going to transform the printing industry and revolutionize how marketers communicate.  And in many ways it has led to great strides in making printing more personal and less costly.

But a few select print vendors have heavily invested in the latest print technology equipment that is reinventing the way we imagine and create print products and packages, especially in our niche of the industry.  And we partner with one of the best.

Personalization unleashed. With the newest digital ink jet printing equipment you can harness the power of an infinite number of variables.  Donor name and demographics, messaging, photos, artwork – everything can change based on what’s appropriate for the individual recipient.  No more worries about up charges based on the number of versions and variables.  The only barriers now lie with limitations in creative thinking and client data file usability.

Strategy wins over cost.  Print costs no longer dictate how many versions you create or how many colors you use.  1 color, 2 colors, 4 colors, they all cost the same.  So your design team chooses what will work best.  Your logo color can always be brand centric.  And you can speak just as personally on side two of the printed piece as you do on side one.  So versioning can be raised to its most effective level.  The speed and efficiency of the new digital ink jet equipment bring significant cost savings.

Save the planet (at least a little !)  Because the new ink jet printers require less ink lay down on the sheet, you’ll be using only about 25% of the ink quantity traditional printing requires.  So you’re saving money and natural resources.

The latest in digital ink jet printing opens the floodgates for more targeted strategies, greater creativity, stronger donor relationships, and ultimately, better results.  It’s an exciting new world of digital ink jet printing.  This is why I love my job!