Young, Religious and Generous!

We’ve known it for decades.  People who consider themselves “religious” are more generous than those without strong faith.

Now, a new study takes that knowledge a step further.  According to a survey conducted by Cygnus Applied Research, a Chicago fundraising consulting firm, “Actively religious donors under 35 (years of age) contributed 5 times more than donors that age who described themselves as ‘not at all religious’ or ‘somewhere in between’.”

Conducted among donors from 34 different charities in 2010, there were more than 3,500 responders.  Another related conclusion was that actively religious donors in general were more likely to volunteer and to serve on charity boards.

The report, featured in the May 5, 2011, issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, carried a headline that says it well: “Religious Donors Give Far More than Others.”  We are blessed to be communicating with people known for their outstanding generosity! You can read the Chronicle’s story here if you have a subscription.

Robert Zawoysky, Founding Creative Director