Harnessing Kodak and HP’s Latest Print Technology

For someone who started her career in high-end, top-quality magazine publishing, print buying at Masterworks has opened the doors for me to explore a whole new world of printing.  And what I love about print technology today is the mushrooming opportunities for creativity and increased effectiveness we’re enjoying through the latest developments in digital printing.

Partnering with industry leaders

Masterworks partners with the leaders in the field of digital printing to assure that our clients get the best of the newest technology.  My recent trip to one of our leading print partners in California confirmed the fact that the newest HP printing equipment opens all kinds of doors for better communication through increased personalization.  Other of our print partners have invested heavily in the latest digital printing technology from Kodak and IMG.

In the past, print vendors have grudgingly acquiesced to our prodding for higher levels of personalization.  Now they’re coming to us with new and unique options for personalized images as well as messaging that speaks directly to the “sweet spot” for individual donors.

Personalization with a “POP”

At the moment I’m working on a project for one of our rescue mission clients that allows us to circle the most appropriate item and dollar amount on the response device that speaks directly to the donor’s demonstrated interest and giving levels.  I believe the results are going to be outstanding.

Informed print buying controls costs

What’s also amazing about these advancements in digital printing is the reality that project costs can remain constant if you buy smart.  So we’re able to produce a much more sophisticated and targeted product for our clients without raising the expense side of the proposition.

Why I love today’s world of print at Masterworks

The three main reasons I love what I’m doing are:

  • We get to utilize the very newest, very best in digital printing technology.
  • We get to provide a product for our client that is increasingly more effective.
  • And, ultimately, we get to help raise more money to support the incredible ministries that we are privileged to serve.

Riding the “power wave” of print technology today is an exciting adventure that I wouldn’t miss for the world.  It gets me up every morning and behind the steering wheel for the ride of my life.

Jackie Carden, Print Buyer