Get up close and personal.

Move #3 in a series of “9 Best Moves” to achieve development goals and maximize fundraising success.

Ministry marketing is the most rewarding and equally the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. But because of its ultimate importance in Kingdom building, I tackle every challenge with all the passion and energy God has given me.

One important lesson I’ve learned over the years is that getting “up close and personal” with my client contacts makes everything flow much better. Learning to understand how each person works and developing an easy rapport is critical to success.

Learn to play together.

That’s why we like to meet regularly with our clients, both at their ministry headquarters and here at Masterworks. When we host, we often plan some time away from the office after a long day of meetings. Whether it’s a hike in the Olympic Mountains, a round of golf or just a nice dinner out at our favorite seafood restaurant, developing personal relationships makes the work flow better and winning ideas surface more often.

Tackle the obstacles to winning as a team.

Some marketing pros call my position the toughest job in the agency because we account managers juggle all the detail necessary to move projects from start to finish. Granted, there are lots of opportunities to “drop the ball” on the part of both agency and client players. But when you know your team and play to cover each other’s “fumbles,” there’s a real sense of shared accomplishment when a project or campaign is finally completed successfully. We make each other better. And that comes from knowing and trusting the other players. And that’s also what makes this work so much fun!

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