Celebrating One Year of Worldwide Impact

Monday, October 24, marks the finish of a special week of celebration marking the one-year anniversary of Cape Town 2010. Sponsored by the Lausanne Movement, the worldwide gathering was designed to mobilize evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization.

A team from Masterworks, including myself, was deeply involved in the planning and execution of this historic event. It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the Lausanne Congress was adjourned and sent out over 4,000 Christian leaders from nearly every nation on earth to stir the church of Jesus Christ with His mandate to evangelize.

I had the privilege of leading the Communications team, which was a four-year commitment, leading to a team of 150 people from over 20 nations who supported communications efforts. Our agency did much of the creative work, led by Kn Moy, who served as Creative Director for the Congress.

I continue to serve on the board of directors, as well as advisor to Naomi Frizzell, the Chief Communications Officer for Lausanne. From this vantage point, I believe we will look back in 10 years and see Cape Town 2010 as a time when world evangelization was accelerated and God’s Kingdom advanced in a multitude of significant ways.