Welcome your agency into the locker room.

Move #2 in a series of “9 Best Moves” to achieve development goals and maximize fundraising success.

Locker room space usually isn’t pretty, but it works.  While sturdy and utilitarian, it also provides a safe place to both celebrate your wins and lick your wounds in defeat as you dissect what went wrong.

As your agency and marketing team partner, that’s exactly where we want to be – in the heat of the battle.  We know the key to victory is based on the uniqueness and power of your God-directed vision.  And communicating that unique vision effectively is what good marketers do.  But in order to excel at our role, we need to be with you in the “locker room” both for the pre-game “huddle” and the post-game debrief.

Hearing the “game plan” directly from the ministry’s CEO is an essential foundation for effective communication.  At Masterworks, we dig for a deeper understanding of your vision and purpose.  First-hand, face-to-face exposure to your leadership infuses our team with both optimum energy and insight as we develop out your strategic plan.  It helps us perform at our peak.

Inspire with the bigger vision.

Because mission and purpose are often best illustrated and interpreted through stories of ministry, it’s key that we have regular team meetings with your CEO to capture the best stories that illustrate your ministry impact.  On the broader front, involving your marketing team (both in-house and on the agency side) in the evolving ideation of your big-picture vision builds unity.  Share your passion and frustration with honesty and transparency.  The more real and transparent we can be about the ministry in our communications, the stronger your relationships will become with your advocates and donors.

As you seek God’s direction for where the ministry should be going and share those important insights with your marketing team, we move forward together, on the same page, in a strategic game plan toward victory.

Remind everyone that “we all cover fumbles.”

Teambuilding works best when everyone understands the game plan, their role in every play, and how excelling at their “position” empowers everyone else on the team to succeed.  No surprises.  No superstars.  Just a cohesive team all working together for a series of wins that finally results in a “championship.”  Over the years, Masterworks has proven the importance of celebrating the wins and replaying the losses with all the players involved.  Not to blame or assign punishment, but to honestly assess strengths, acknowledge weaknesses, and remind all players that we all cover each other’s fumbles.  That’s the ultimate sign of a winning team.

Game on!

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