Chuck Colson goes home to be with the Lord

Chuck Colson passed away this afternoon at 3:12 pm EST. He had been fighting complications resulting from a brain hemorrhage since March 30.

This is an especially poignant moment for Masterworks because we’re privileged to serve 2 ministries that Chuck founded — Prison Fellowship and The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Both stand as a testament to the amazing work God did in his life.

Chuck was a key figure in Watergate in the early 1970s. That experience changed his life. In the aftermath of the scandal, he met Jesus. After serving 7 months in prison, he spent the next 36 years crafting a different legacy, one marked by humble service and “living monuments” to God’s grace: Prisoners transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.

Join Masterworks as we pray for Chuck’s family and the continued work of the ministries he founded.

Please visit to learn more about his life and legacy, and leave a remembrance. The Colson family has requested that in lieu of sending flowers, donations be made to The Charles Colson Legacy Fund.