“Bottom Line” isn’t always about $

As Chief Financial Officer, people expect me to focus on the bottom line. And of course, I do.

But at Masterworks, we have an advantage over most for-profit businesses. We were founded almost 25 years ago now with a “bottom-line model” that is built on 3 principles — not just the traditional dollars-and-cents model. Those principles are:

stool11. A clear mission to help non-profit Christian ministries develop greater Kingdom impact.

2. A central purpose to empower our staff members to cultivate and advance their professional skills for a more satisfying career and to better serve our clients.

3. An effective business model that allows us to embrace the first two principles without sacrificing the financial viability of Masterworks.

That’s the rock-solid foundation that has lifted Masterworks today into the position of the leading marketing agency specializing exclusively in the Christian non-profit arena. We also have an “investment mentality” that focuses on opportunity as well as vision casting for where the industry is going in the future.

Over the past year, we’ve invested in hiring some of the leaders and rising stars in the non-profit marketing industry. The economic climate has been right. Other agencies have been failing and laying off staff. One even closed its doors. We’ve been hiring those leading players and strengthening our already strong team.

In addition to investing in the best people with the right skill sets, we’ve also devoted significant amounts of time and energy focusing on insight and innovation along with the latest in digital marketing. Now we’re ready with capacity to serve even more of the best Christian organizations that are making a difference for Christ around the world. Check out our team on this website. I believe you’ll be impressed.