Get Friday Afternoon Off – ALL SUMMER LONG!

Talk about a popular employee benefit – that’s a “perk” Masterworks has offered almost from our beginning, 23 years ago. And our staff loves it.

Of course, we rationalize. With offices in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t get a lot of great weather during most of the year, so we need to revel in the sunshine while it’s here. Here are the facts:

The myth of the rainy Northwest: We get a bad rap for rain. Seattle’s average annual rainfall is only 38″ and ranks a surprising 44th in the nation behind cities like Houston, Texas, with 48″ of precipitation and Mobile, Alabama, with a whopping 65″ of the wet stuff. So don’t bring your umbrella when you visit us here at Masterworks.

The truth about our weather: The ugly reality is that our area experiences a high number of days with precipitation – 158, to be exact. And most of those days occur between October and March. So by the time summer comes, we’re ready to get out in the sun. That’s why Friday afternoons off during the summer are so precious. We get a running start on a sunny, warm weekend.

Average high temperatures in Seattle for the summer are cool by comparison to most of North America: June = 65°, July = 74 ° and August = 75°.

Yet, we’re blessed to live in one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on the face of the earth. The mountains are breath-taking. The water is all around, tempting us to take the plunge.

So we work extra hours Monday through Thursday during the summer in order to shut down our computers at noon on Friday and head out to enjoy family, explore some new area of interest, or get involved in one of our community’s many worthy causes.

The reality of serving our clients well: Of course, everyone at Masterworks can’t be gone every Friday afternoon. Projects don’t always move as quickly and smoothly as planned. Sometimes decisions need to be made and our clients need our action on Friday afternoon or over the weekend. Our first priority is always to give our clients what they need, when they need it.

But on those spectacular, clear, warm and sunny summer weekends, when possible, this place is a lot quieter than it typically is. Not to worry — if you really need us, our smartphones are just a buzz, jingle or jarring tune away. However, if it can wait until Monday morning, you’ll find you’re talking with a refreshed, energized, enthusiastic staff person who spent the weekend glorying in God’s spectacular creation.

Have a happy, relaxing, rejuvenating summer.