Testing that hurts your bottom line

Sure, we all want to be safe – not risk guaranteed income – not “bet the farm” on something that we’ve never done before.  But sometimes our testing mentality can compromise our bottom line.  Seriously.

Last November we did a Major Donor Proposal for a prospective client.  This is a proven strategy that we have done across clients for a number of years.  However, this prospective client was determined to do a split test: our strategy and creative straight up against theirs.    

The ministry had done a traditional year-end package that they seemed quite satisfied with.  However, they were “interested” in what we could do with Major Donors at calendar year-end – how much money we could raise – how our creative would compare to theirs.  So we did a split test.  

“More than we could ever ask or imagine!”  

I go to the Ephesians 3:20 faith declaration whenever I’m totally blown away.  And this is one of those cases.  Our proposal exceeded their control in every way:  

Response Rate:  144% better

Average Gift:  137% greater

Gross Income:  481% more

Net Income:  A whopping 499% greater than the control

Bottom line – if they would have “trusted” instead of “tested,” they would have received approximately $XXX,XXX more year-end income.  Sure, all that is “water under the bridge” – but I wonder what wasted opportunity will be floating by this year-end?  

Next week’s blog post: Repeat Yourself and Double Your Dollars!