Throwback week

It’s throwback week! You know, that time when we pull out 3 popular posts from the past that are still relevant today. It’s to that end that I’d like to recommend to you the following posts (especially if you’re new to the blog).

First up, Executive Creative Director Bob Ball’s piece on Extreme Donor-Focused newsletters, first published in February 2012. Here is an excerpt:

This approach assumes donors give because they love to give and love to make a significant difference in the world. It combines reporting back about what the donors have accomplished, and offers them a clear opportunity to give again.

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Next, a post on testing “early and often” as a way of moving the results meter from good to excellent. Two years later, these principles are still critical to the unending quest to lift response rates.

You should test the user actions that most directly affect your bottom line. It might be a headline, a call to action button or the way you sign off your emails.

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And finally, we come to this offering from Vice President of Digital Marketing Dave Raley (which first appeared in September 2012) about the importance of jumping in with both feet in the mobile revolution – before it passes you by. Here is a brief excerpt:

In a brief review of our clients’ web analytics, I’m seeing anywhere from 10 to 22 percent of all traffic coming from mobile devices. I’ve seen even higher. That means thousands (or even tens of thousands) of your own constituents are using your website on their cellphones and tablets.

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Dave, by the way, is presenting a workshop entitled “Be Smarter than Your Smartphone” at the Christian Leadership Alliance’s 2013 Conference at the Anaheim Hilton April 30 – May 2. Sign up and learn all about what the mobile landscape looks like today, from apps to the mobile Web and location-based technologies.