Keep.  Stop.  Start.

Three simple words providing profound insights.

I don’t know about you, but with the plethora of management principles, business theories and leadership resources out there it can be downright overwhelming trying to stay current with the latest thinking of the day.  I’ve always been drawn to the “born out of experience” methods that are simple to remember, practical to apply and are as relevant today as they were when they were conceived.  Which brings me to today’s post.

Chris Ihrig from Fired Up! Culture challenged our company this year to use a simple communication tool when having a conversation with those you work alongside, supervise or report in to:  have a “Keep-Stop-Start” discussion.  It works like this:

Keep:  share the things you really appreciate that they’re doing and you’d like them to keep doing – it’s a great way to affirm their strengths, personal qualities and performance

Stop:  share the things you don’t appreciate that they do and you’d like them to stop doing.  This could include annoying work habits, confusing management practices or demotivating words and actions

Start:  confide in them the things you’d like them to start doing.  This is a great way to encourage and challenge them in their own growth and leadership

We started using this tool in our peer and reporting relationships.  And while it’s fairly new, we’re already gaining some profound insights – greater understanding of someone’s personality, how they prefer to approach their work and why they do what they do.  All of which are fostering deeper relationships and a more transparent culture.

At Masterworks we strive each day to build, strengthen and optimize our team.  And when we find a practical tool that works, we can’t help but pass it along.  So go, and introduce Keep-Stop-Start discussions to your organization – and be sure to send us your comments and feedback along the way.  You may be surprised how this simple tool can open up your communication lines and positively impact your organizational culture.