Masterworks welcomes MAP International

In 1954, with its first donation of $25,000 worth of donated surplus medicines, MAP International (originally Medical Assistance Program International) began its ministry to provide essential medicines for mission clinics and hospitals in developing areas around the world. Today, nearly 60 years later, Atlanta-based MAP has grown to be one of the world’s largest providers of medicines and medical supplies to people living in poverty. 2012 marked a milestone for the organization: $4 billion in medicines delivered worldwide — providing hope and health for a hurting world.

Masterworks is so excited that MAP, a former client, has rejoined the Masterworks family of clients. The partnership is credited to the strong relationship between Michael Nyenhuis, MAP International president/CEO, and Masterworks President Steve Woodworth. “I’ve had a long-standing appreciation for Steve,” shared Nyenhuis. “I recently called him for advice and here we are, working together again.”

MAP is looking forward to collaborating with Masterworks to strengthen and further develop marketing and fundraising strategies for their three-pronged approach to global health (the “three P’s”) to provide medicine, prevent disease and promote good health.

“We’re honored to be partnering with MAP again, “said Masterworks President Steve Woodworth. “We believe that together, we can help them increase their fundraising and ministry effectiveness in the world and for the Kingdom.”

Masterworks is a marketing agency that works exclusively with Christian non-profits to help them identify their distinct marketing and fundraising goals and build deep relationships with their donors. Through an integrated approach (traditional marketing, digital marketing, media, branding, and analytics), the Poulsbo, Washington–based agency has been helping Christian non-profits have a greater impact on the world for nearly 25 years.