Why we’re committed to biannuals

Last Thursday, we wrapped up what I believe is one of the most unique things about Masterworks — our biannual meetings. Biannuals are a week-long series of sessions where our senior leadership and the rest of our team take an in-depth look at their clients’ work, discuss growth opportunities and challenges, explore new ideas and approaches, and examine and reflect on current and future industry trends.

Biannuals reflect one of the key components of our culture: the commitment to listen to multiple voices from the team, in order to foster innovation and provide the greatest ministry impact for our clients.

We take innovation seriously. That’s why, twice a year, we dedicate a whole week to making sure that all senior leadership and strategy team members are completely focused on helping to solve our clients’ and our industry’s most difficult problems.

You and I know that our industry faces big challenges. This last week, we set aside dedicated time to address key issues like new acquisition channels, offer development, and multichannel integrated marketing. We’ve found that bringing everyone together not only helps us make significant progress towards developing solutions to these challenges, but also gives everyone the chance to benefit from the collective knowledge at the agency.

Biannuals are essential, it’s important to take time to stop and ask the questions, gain perspective and communicate with other client teams to find out what they’re learning.