The most popular posts from 2013

It’s been quite the year. Of course, we’d love for you to read all the posts from the last year, but we know that’s not likely. So, to make it easy for you, we’re closing out the year by highlighting the five most popular posts from 2013. Enjoy!

1. Crafting a successful mobile strategy by Dave Raley

“The reality is that the mobile revolution is upon you – your constituent base is already trying to interact with you via mobile devices. What’s their experience like? Have you tried to visit your website on your phone? Tried to read an email? Tried to give a gift?

If I can get you to do ONE thing, it would be to walk through this three-step process. The path forward is clear – it may not be easy, but it’s straightforward.”

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2. Don’t forget brand research by Steve Brock

“We’ll spend the next few posts in the series focusing on brand research. But first, let’s recall a few things about your brand in general.

First, your brand is more than your logo or tagline. Repeat that a few times.

Second, your brand only exists in the minds of your audiences. ‘How can that be?’ you ask. ‘Our brand is on everything we do: our website, our appeals, our newsletters, our signage, etc.’ My reply? See point one above.”

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3. Improve results with relevant asks by Sarah Ralston

“Our analytics team is always looking for ways to improve results with data. One of the key places we can influence this is ask arrays. They’re the basis of an exciting study we recently completed.

Using single largest gift in ask arrays has been a commonplace marketing practice for non-profit organizations for quite some time. We weren’t convinced it was the best way, so we asked, is there a better way to meet donors where they’re at, by asking them for a gift that reflects their present giving potential? The answer…YES.”

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4. 6 design principles for your next eNewsletter by Kris Morgan

“We recently had the opportunity to redesign the RealTime eNewsletter for Jews for Jesus. This project was a great opportunity to use design to increase donations, while still providing Jews for Jesus readers with valuable and engaging content.

In our design process, we employed 6 principles to ensure success of the new eNews design. Interested? Well, you’re in luck! You can check out the principles below…”

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5.  5  foolproof ways to acquire thousands of online donors by Jacob Smith

“Masterworks’ rich history in traditional direct mail colors ‘acquisition’ with shades of mailing labels for national organizations and lunch bags for missions.

Digital acquisition focused on asking for a gift from a cold lead, is extraordinarily difficult in non-emergent situations.

It’s just math.

Industry benchmarks put cultivation fundraising email response rates to your constituents at around 0.08 percent. Response rates tend to decrease with uncultivated constituents, so you need an exceptionally large and cheap acquisition pool. A pool that would be as overfished as Atlantic Bluefin tuna.

So enough of what doesn’t work, what is working for clients?”

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Happy New Year. See you in 2014!