Masterworks announces five new hires

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a cadre of highly talented people to our team: Amy Hunter, sr. vice president, client strategy; Nick Nichols, senior writer; Don Rossi, senior copywriter; Lindsay Guerin, account executive; and Deanna Wozniak, associate account executive.

Amy Hunter brings 30 years of direct response experience, spanning both agency and client work. She has more than 25 years of experience with integrated direct marketing and non-profit fundraising. In her new position, Hunter is looking forward to partnering with the client services team to provide strategy to clients.

“I have lived with the challenges that most of our clients face,” Hunter says. “I understand the unique environment at a Christian non-profit, and I am able to have both perspectives, because I’ve worked both sides of the fence.” Regarding her decision to join the Masterworks team, Hunter says, “I’m excited to work for a smaller, nimble agency. I like the focus of the clients; they do important work, and I’m hoping to be able to bring my experience to contribute.”

“I feel like I’m on the ground floor of something new and exciting,” Hunter concludes.

Nick Nichols hopes to bring his strong experience as a creative strategist to his new role as senior writer. He would like to, “build on what Masterworks is already accomplishing,” he says. With a strong history of developing groundbreaking offers and increasing donor engagement, Nichols is looking forward to putting his skills to work for Masterworks’ clients.

“Masterworks is the hottest gig in town, and they have been for a very long time,” Nichols says. “We have such a strong roster of clients, who are doing really incredible things. It’s pretty awesome to be a part of that.”

Don Rossi has worked in the direct marketing field since the early 90s, and brings a wealth of experience to his senior copywriter role. “Even as a veteran in this industry,” Rossi says, “I enjoy being pushed in terms of my thinking.” That desire is part of what led him to Masterworks: “Masterworks is a very innovative company in terms of studying trends and trying to stay on the leading edge of what’s happening in our industry,” Rossi says. “And I really share Masterworks’ passion for two things: advancing the Kingdom, and serving people who often don’t have anybody else to speak for them.”

One of Rossi’s goals is to help find new, creative ways to grow clients’ donor bases by reaching out to new donors. “Let’s unlock this code of what it takes to communicate to a new generation of donors,” Rossi concludes. “I want to keep helping people who are doing God’s work do it better.”

Lindsay Guerin brings more than eight years’ experience in the Christian sector, both in the not-for-profit and publishing industries, to her role as Account Executive at Masterworks. Guerin is currently completing her master’s in biblical studies from Wheaton College, and is eager to join the Masterworks team: “What I think is most unique about Masterworks [is that] people are really excited to be here,” Guerin says. Guerin says. “The company has an ethos of excellence and playfulness, which is a rare combination and makes for a great place to work.”

“The leadership of the company is incredible,” Guerin says, “The people I work with have extremely positive, can-do attitudes, and I’m humbled to be part of such a talented team. I hope to make a difference in the lives of others by serving organizations that are advancing the Kingdom. I’m honored to work for a company that serves organizations that are trying to represent Jesus to the world.”

Deanna Wozniak brings an enthusiastic love of fundraising and a successful record of managing client relationships to her position as Associate Account Executive at Masterworks. In her new position, Wozniak is looking forward to collaborating with clients, learning more about their individual causes and helping them grow their ministries.

“I’m very excited,” Wozniak says, “hearing about all the momentum that Masterworks has had within the past year with growth, as well as how they’re structuring their departments internally.” She is anticipating ways to leverage this growth into something that ultimately answers the question, “How can we better serve the client?”