Masterworks welcomes two new hires

Masterworks is pleased to announce the appointment of Han Moon, lead marketing analyst, and Erica Klinger, senior digital marketing strategist. As part of the team, Moon and Klinger will leverage their talent, expertise and experience to help make a difference in the Christian non-profit sector in 2014.

With over 16 years of professional marketing experience, Moon brings a knowledge of automotive, travel and consumer goods marketing, combined with deep analytical skills and insights. Moon is looking forward to putting those skills to work for his clients as they seek to increase revenue, and will “lend a helping hand, figure out where their strengths and weaknesses are, and figure out how to better improve their communication strategies and segmentation strategies,” he says.

Moon anticipates “really diving into the data, and trying to come up with new strategies and new plans to be able to effectively communicate to donors and increase revenue”. He is particularly excited about the opportunity to work in a faith-based environment at Masterworks: “Coming from a Christian background,” Moon says, “that [faith-based element] really intrigued me: to have a mission, a cause, for greater good.”

“I’m looking forward to making my contribution,” Moon concludes.

Most recently employed as Director of Interactive Promotion and Strategy for ALSAC / St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Klinger brings 15 years of digital expertise to her new position at Masterworks. Well-versed in the development of integrated online strategies to support multichannel advertising campaigns, Klinger is dedicated to being a leader in digital strategy.

“As digital evolves, and as it’s becoming a bigger percentage of channels being used by non-profits and missions, getting it to perform well is a challenge for clients,” Klinger says. “What I hope to do is ask the right questions and find out what might engage the donor online.” Through creating unique, shareable content, Klinger helps her clients foster conversations with donors: “People that believe in their organization, and that want to help.”

Klinger is excited to learn more about the individual passions of her new clients. Her ultimate goal is increased attraction and retention of donors — donors who then will grow and evolve alongside the non-profits they support. “Lifelong donors,” Klinger concludes, “who are really committed and happy.”