4.7% of your donors generate 100% of your online word of mouth

A study from EngageSciences found that 4.7% of a brand’s fan base is responsible for 100% of their social referrals.

To put it another way, it is 4.7% of your social media following that generates all of the word of mouth results, and by results we mean conversions, not just reach. These are the advocates who can actually influence their friends to convert directly onto your campaigns, to connect with you as a brand or take up an offer.

These Super Influencers have the ability to dramatically increase the reach of your acquisition efforts — from cold mass marketing to welcome social referrals — and at a fraction of the cost of direct mail acquisition.

Are you measuring your donor’s Influencer Score and creating unique treatments for the Super Influencers on your file? If you want to talk more about the opportunity right in front of you, you should email me and we can talk.