Our 25th Anniversary

This month, Masterworks celebrates our 25th anniversary as a company. We have a wonderful story to tell — and to thank God for. And it all began so “improbably” two and a half decades ago.

In April 1989, Ray Schenk opened an office with only himself, a computer, a printer and incorporation papers for the Raymond Group. On his first day, he began calling friends and got his first assignment. It was a brochure for the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination.

At the end of 1991, I left my position as vice president of marketing for World Vision, after 12 years with that wonderful ministry. I began finding great satisfaction as a consultant in the for-profit world for large companies. But near the end of 1992, I felt something was missing: the sense of mission and impact for God. I was primed to join Ray when he called. By God’s providence, my wife and I had settled into a home 15 miles from Ray’s new office. We could have chosen to live anywhere in the country.

As I look back on our history, I think the most important moment was when we decided to focus on Christian organizations. That’s when we changed our name to Masterworks, reflecting our desire to do the work of the Master.

Since then, we have been honored to partner with great people in so many great organizations. We’ve helped feed and care for the poor, spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and influence the culture. We now have a wonderful team of more than 100 people, dedicated to our clients and their ministries. Together, we want to amplify the generosity of those who give their time, talent and treasure to work that delights the heart of God.

As missionary Adoniram Judson said, “The future is as bright as the promises of God.”

Steve Woodworth