One day without shoes

No Shoes

Our clients are amazing. Their hard work makes a real difference in this world. So when an opportunity arises to be hands-on in the work our clients actually DO — many of us here at Masterworks quickly jump in! Last Tuesday, Masterworks participated in Feed the Children and Toms — One Day Without Shoes event, a day to raise awareness for children’s health and education.

At heart, I am a storyteller and I wondered what story MY feet would tell if I WENT one day without shoes. I started Tuesday not really knowing what to expect, but started with the simple question — “What do MY feet take for granted?”

As my day progressed, I quickly realized that many of the simple things you and I may consider as “normal” started looking a lot more like luxuries when compared to many people around the world. A comfy carpet. A longer-than-normal hot shower. A fridge filled with fresh food. The texture of grass. And yes — most of all — SHOES.

I was moved by this experience and invite you to take a moment and read the Facebook post that captures a few of the contrasts I noticed throughout my day. And maybe . . . just maybe . . . take your shoes off for a day and see what inspires YOU.